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FAQ & Aftercare

  • Keep your lashes dry for the first 24 hours.​

  • Avoid oily products completely, do not use oil based make up removers/creams around the eye area. ​

  • No liquid eyeliner or mascara on the lash extensions. (A good alternative to liquid or gel eyeliner is black eyeshadow applied with a wet angle brush).​

  • Do not sleep face down. (The side you sleep on may shed quicker).​

  • Brush through every morning & after bathing. ​

  • Avoid saunas and steam rooms. ​

  • Clean your lashes 3/4 times a week with a specially formulated foam cleanser. (This can be purchased directly from us).

  • Do not rub, pick or pull. ​


Still have more questions? Please contact us.